Portfolio Management

Teixeira Wealth Management LLC offers our clients both actively managed and passively managed portfolios. We combine our research with robust risk management technology to build and manage our Select Equity and Asset Allocation Portfolios. All of the portfolios offered by Teixeira Wealth Management are separately managed accounts (SMA's) which provide greater investment flexibility and tax efficiency for our investors.

Select Equity Portfolios

Teixeira Wealth Management manages five distinct select equity portfolios: The Equity Core Portfolio, The Equity Income Portfolio, The Total Return Portfolio, The Alpha Bull Portfolio, and The Omega Portfolio. These select equity portfolios are actively managed and have the ability to take both long and hedged positions. The total number of positions within a select equity portfolio is typically 30 to 50 securities.

The Equity Core Portfolio

For investors looking for long term capital appreciation, The Equity Core Portfolio invests in companies currently providing attractive valuations, a history of solid performance, and strong upside potential. The Equity Core Portfolio is designed to provide similar performance of the S&P 500, with the goal of less volatility and higher returns.

The Equity Income Portfolio

For investors looking for more safety or income, The Equity Income Portfolio invests in securities providing a high level of current income with capital appreciation opportunities. The Equity Income Portfolio is composed of high-quality dividend stocks, high yielding bonds, REITs, and hybrid securities.

The Total Return Portfolio

The Total Return Portfolio is for investors looking for a capital appreciation strategy blended with a defensive strategy. The Total Return Portfolio invests in companies that have a durable competitive advantage, are highly capital efficient, operate with large amounts of free cash flow, and can better absorb a market correction.

The Alpha Bull Portfolio

The Alpha Bull Portfolio is a highly concentrated portfolio composed of 20 to 25 of the most capital-efficient companies in the world. We anticipate long holding periods for these securities, which can help minimize any potential short-term capital gains exposure.

The Omega Portfolio

The Omega Portfolio uses the foundation of the Alpha Bull Portfolio and adds various option strategies to help minimize potential volatility for the overall portfolio. Utilizing option strategies within the portfolio can also generate additional income for investors.

Asset Allocation Portfolios

Teixeira Wealth Management manages five distinct asset allocation portfolios. Our portfolios offer investors exposure and diversification across various asset classes and investment styles. The portfolios are composed of cost-efficient ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds) and typically invest in the following asset classes:

* Domestic Equity
* International Equity
* Fixed Income
* Global Credit
* Absolute Return
* Real Assets
* Currency

The Aggressive Asset Allocation Portfolio

Target Equity Allocation: 90%
Target Fixed Income Allocation: 10%

The Moderate Asset Allocation Portfolio

Target Equity Allocation: 75%
Target Fixed Income Allocation: 25%

The Balanced Asset Allocation Portfolio

Target Equity Allocation: 60%
Target Fixed Income Allocation: 40%

The Conservative Asset Allocation Portfolio

Target Equity Allocation: 45%
Target Fixed Income Allocation: 55%

The Preservation Asset Allocation Portfolio

Target Equity Allocation: 30%
Target Fixed Income Allocation: 70%


Risk Management

Returns are only part of the investment equation. Knowing how to properly quantify risk is just as important. Our risk analysis technology is the foundation of the construction and management within all of our portfolios. For our clients, we are able to identify the exact level of risk that is appropriate for their desired level of investment returns.

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